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CALOR SRL as one of the largest importing companies in Romania for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, for both domestic and industrial purposes, with an annual turnover of about 4.000.000 euro.

Established in 1991, our company sells installation equipment such as gas & oil fuel boilers, gas and liquid fuel burners, hot air generators, radiant tubes, industrial fans, hot air generators, dehumidifiers – domestic, industrial, swimming pool dehumidifiers,  ball valves – water and gas, fittings, wood stoves, fireplaces, radiators, solar panels, tanks, electric boilers, burners, radiant heaters, pumps, vessels, radiator valves, pipes and air ducts for heating, conditioning (split systems, fan coils, chillers, air handling units, etc.) and ventilation systems, chillers air handling units, gas-convectors, thermostats etc. We have built new premises including offices, a large warehouse and a modern show room-4000 sqm in the central zone of Bucharest where we are exhibiting all of the products above mentioned and from where we distribute the products coveting all Romanian territory.




Sos.Progresului nr.30-40, Sector 5, Bucuresti
Unique registration code: RO 3004724
Trade Register number:J40/13176/1991
Phone numbers: 0737.23.33.44 | 021.411.44.44
E-mail: office@calor.ro